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Arte Tinamar, un oasis de arte y cultura / Arte Tinamar, an oasis of art and culture

English version Art is a matter of vocation. Without doubts, for Pino Hernández, art is her vocation since to the question “What do you want to do for a living when you grow up?”, her answer was always “I want to be a painter”. She realized that this was his passion when at school she spent one free hour she had on Fridays doing what she like best, to paint. She also assures that this was her most grateful hour of the week. She had never taken a brush in her hands, but she was sure that she wanted to get involved in the art world. Although she had not been in painting classes, she decided to study Fine Arts. In 1996 she managed to make her first exhibition and from the year 2000 onwards she began to exhibit her works annually. She has been working in San Mateo in the art world for ten years, and the last two years she has been in her own store “Arte Tinamar”. It is located in Antonio Perera Rivero street, a strategic place in the town as it is close to San Mateo Market. Due to the difficulties she experienced in becoming an artist, she undertook this new project to promote art material, crafts and give the opportunity to many artists to make themselves known. In addition to the sale of material, she also makes exhibitions in her store such us the one that is now exhibit by Jeremías Jesús Díaz, a self-taught artist from Lanzarote who met by chance. Walking through the town, a picture of the store caught his attention and he made the decision to enter in Arte Tinamar. Here both artists realized that they have exhibited in the same place, but they had not known each other until now. When she knew about the quality of his works, she decided to exhibit them in the shop. There is no doubt that this experience helps to leave the shame behind and to meet new people, since an exhibition of a different artist, both from the islands or from outside, is inaugurated every one or two months. This is complemented with workshops and activities for those who want to learn more about art. This shop also offers visitors several handmade souvenirs such us key rings with the image of El Bentaiga and other tourist icons of the island as well as bookmarks and postcards with photographs of her own works. We can also find for sale small paintings of recreations of aboriginal paintings that are still preserved in La Cueva Pintada de Gáldar, among other handicraft products. Visiting this shop becomes a very pleasant experience due to the closeness of the treatment that is received, the willingness to help at all times and the opportunity to have more artistic culture.

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